Brin Surtie

Game Developer

Hi! I'm Brin.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science which I obtained at the University of Saskatchewan. I'm an aspiring game developer and lover of video games. I'm a passionate musician and hobbyist audio engineer. I'm a parkour and freerunning athlete. Please enjoy reading my portfolio below.

Cubo Ribbits'
Slippery Playdate

Cubo Ribbits’ Slippery Playdate is a challenging 2D precision platformer that entirely consists of boss battles. It was developed in two months after having been self-taught the Unity engine and C#. I was responsible for all the game mechanics, level design, artificial intelligence, soundtrack, concept art, and narrative. I contacted friends from around the world to help with the digital art and voice acting.

Official Playthrough

January 2016

Buns and

Buns and Berry is a short yet humorous 2D cooperative platformer shooter that consists of one boss battle. It was developed in Unity in only 24 hours at a human vs. machine themed Game Jam. I was responsible for all the programming, art, and music. I placed 2nd for best art.


February 2016

The Video
Game Catalog

The Video Game Catalog is a video game library interface made with JavaFX by a two-man team over the course of a semester. The idea was to create an interface similar to Steam that was more geared towards organization. I was responsible for the initial concept and UI design.

April 2016

Graphics Settings
in Video Games

Graphics Settings in Video Games is an interface made with Adobe XD by a three-man team over the course of a semester. The goal was to create a medium fidelity prototype for a more user friendly graphics settings menu. I was responsible for the initial concept and UI design.

December 2016

Straight Outta

Straight Outta Hicktown is a fun 2D platformer inspired by Mega Man that was developed by a five-man team over the course of a semester. The development was made possible by use of the Unity engine and GitHub. I was responsible for the bulk of the game design, level design, and mechanics.


December 2016


Supergroups is a cooperative bullet hell rhythm game that was developed by a seven-man team over the course of a semester. The goal is to conquer the entire venue by gaining fans for your band while beating other bands with your music. This game was developed for the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Academic Program. I was responsible for composing the entire soundtrack.

April 2017


Skamageddon is a ska inspired beat 'em up game developed in Unreal Engine 4 by a four-man team based in North Carolina. I was commissioned to compose an authentic original ska soundtrack to match the aesthetics of the game and bring life to the graveyard.

July 2017


This is my personal YouTube channel where I display my musical and creative skills through video game guitar covers learned by ear, and are expertly mixed and mastered for supreme audio quality. I was featured on the Multiplayer III Wave album to raise money for to bring clean water to the world. I placed 5th in the RichaadEB Cover Contest.

Multiplayer III Wave

2012 - Present


EMPIRE and I reach out to the community to bring awareness of parkour as an art form and sport, while also sharpening one’s own skills and others’ through lessons and competition throughout the country. We have been featured on CTV, Shaw TV, News Talk, Nuit Blanche, and New Balance’s Zombie Apocalypse: Run For Your Life. I placed 1st in the PKAB 2014 Speed Competition.


2015 - Present